High blood pressure causes thousands of avoidable deaths each year, and I have been trained to help people to deal with the emotional and lifestyle factors effectively.


Would you like to take back control of your health?
I help people who are struggling with high blood pressure to get the monitor to read normal again. With their doctors OK, they can reduce their medication, feel back in control and enjoy a normal life.

As a Certified Hypnotension Practitioner I can help you lower blood pressure naturally.
Together we can tackle the most common emotional and lifestyle factors in an easy and fun way using evidence based techniques.

Around 40% of the UK’s population has high blood pressure and it accounts for 60% of all strokes in the UK. It is one of the largest causes of death and disability. You can see from these statistics why being able to get and keep your blood pressure at a healthy level is really important.

I help others overcome problems that may have been niggling for years or started just recently.
Hypnotherapy involves inducing a trance, which is a very relaxing state that is somewhere between being awake and asleep, a bit like a daydream. This is not mind control or being out of control, it’s about building rapport with the unconscious mind in a therapeutic relationship and the result can be positive lasting change.

I can help you achieve better health and enjoy the time you spend with family and friends.
High blood pressure accounts for more than 20% of all deaths worldwide and affects over 16 Million people in the UK alone. Unfortunately, in 90% of cases of high blood pressure (the ‘Primary’ or ‘Essential’ Hypertension cases), doctors are unable to find a physical cause – and that’s where the Hypnotension™ programme can help.

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